I recently started getting vitamin shots and immediately fell in love. In an instant, your body is chock full of vitamins you may have been deficient in. I did question if these injections were legit though. Is this just a gimmick or do they really work? If they do work, how? What are all of the ingredients? How long does it take before you feel the affects? How often can you have one administered? Well, after doing some research and experimenting, I am happy to say that I am fully hooked. (Spoiler: if you’re vegan or vegetarian… KEEP READING).

Let’s start with the ingredients. What exactly does each syringe contain? Well, it depends on which shot you get. Most shots contain the foundation: water, sodium chloride (salt), benzyl alcohol (preservative), and hydrochloric acid and/or sodium hydroxide may have been added to adjust the pH. I also know that the B12 shot contains aluminum, therefore it is important to not get these as frequently (most professionals recommend waiting at least 10-12 weeks). If you are sensitive, allergic, or have a condition that is triggered by aluminum, talk to your healthcare professional.

How long does it take before you feel the affects?  I instantly started tasting vitamins in my mouth (shot is administered in your upper thigh). It was so weird! I looked at my friend and she’s just nodding at me, like yep, you taste the vitamins yet?! For the next 24 hours, my body metabolized everything it needed. I felt like SuperWoman. I definitely felt more energetic throughout the day. As far as other feelings of ‘increased health’… I didn’t notice much. I knew that I did something good for my body, so that ‘felt’ good, but energy was the only affect that I could pinpoint. But everyone is different! If you have different deficiencies than I do, maybe your experience will be different.

The injections I received (B Complex (all 8 B vitamins) known for: relieving stress, boosting cognitive function, and improve overall mood. I also received Glutathione, known for: increasing energy, brighter skin, faster metabolism, and a stronger immune system.

How often can you have a vitamin injection administered? This also depends on what kind of injection you get. I got the B complex and Glutathione injections. If you are not treating a known deficiency, then you can get these as frequently as once a month. As stated above, if you get a B12 injection, it is recommended that you wait 10-12 weeks between injections due to the aluminum present in the injection.

Are these a gimmick? Absolutely not. Are they worth it? I would say, yes. Vitamins are better absorbed through injections rather than orally (pill or food). I like knowing that I am helping my body become stronger and giving it more of what it needs. And who doesn’t want more energy?!

For all of my long-term vegans or vegetarians out there: receiving a B Complex injection or more specifically a B12 injection could be crucial for you! B12 is found mainly in meat, eggs, and dairy. It is a very important vitamin that your body needs for optimum health. B12 is responsible for aiding in your body’s nerve cells, healthy blood cells, and making genetic DNA. If this has not been on your radar, it may be something to bring up at your next check-up.

So, what do you think? Are you ready for a vitamin injection? If yes, let me know and I can connect you with a local NP that I see!


Cheers, AH

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