Wow, where to begin! I have had the benefit of experiencing a lot in a short amount of time. I am always learning, changing, and therefore evolving. The story of how I developed my own brand and landed where I am now really began about 6 years ago.

In 2014, I signed with Ford Modeling Agency (cue the confetti!). It all happened overnight, literally. I was immediately thrown in front of a panel of agents who picked my body apart. And as weird as it sounds… I kinda liked it. I am a very type-A person and I strive for perfection. If my agents told me I needed to look a certain way, I was going to look that way (and hopefully surpass their expectations). Per their request, I dove right into a “healthy” diet — starving myself. When I did decide to eat, it was mostly lean, grass-fed meat and greens (portioned out, of course). Only water, black coffee, and tea. Sounds fun, right? Ugh, makes me cringe just thinking about it. However, through all of this, I knew what I was doing. My mind was healthy. I knew that what I was doing wasn’t wise, but I wanted to please my agents and hopefully rocket-launch my career. I just had to put in a little hard work and then coast from there, right? Once my agents told me I reached “success in record time”, I went deeper into dieting. Like 300 calories a day. Again, my mind was healthy. I knew what I was doing, but as my career continued to succeed, my happiness began to plummet. I refused to go out with friends because I didn’t want to eat or drink. My dates with Sam always had to involve activity and never involve food. I was cranky 24/7. My hair was falling out. I was exhausted. I was just a big ol’ ball of fun!!!!

Eventually, I had had enough. I was burnt out and just over it. After a dramatic phone call with my agent, we mutually agreed that I would no longer accept work and my contract would eventually expire. Bittersweet, but for the best because during this time I started to really research and investigate what ‘being healthy’ truly meant. 

I had so many questions circling around in my head — What is the paleo diet? Why is it so popular? What is the keto diet? What causes anxiety? What IS anxiety? Are carbs actually bad? How much iron does an individual need? Hormone imbalance? Why does everyone hate dairy? The list goes on, and on, and on. I became passionate in a fierce way! This escalated into every area of health — physical fitness, sleep patterns, sauna use … how to feel AMAZING all of the time, throughout your entire lifetime. Because why shouldn’t we?!

Optimization of health and wellness until we are eventually called home. That is my focus. That is my M.O. I studied Biology at Hope College and then later on became a certified nutritionist through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I am currently working towards becoming a certified Pilates instructor and I won’t stop there… I love to learn and better my self in every way — stay tuned for more 🙂

Cheers, AH