Perfect, glowy skin — something I’m always chasing. My skin is naturally very oily. It’s super annoying that I’m always reflecting things (lol), but everyone always tells me “omg you won’t wrinkle as quickly!” Okay, okay — A PLUS. But my skin tends to get congested over time from all of the excess oil production. The congestion results in little bumps all over my cheeks or forehead. If you see me in good lighting, you’ll know what I mean. CUTE! So, I’ve started getting chemical peels to help get rid of the congestion. Chemical peels are also super helpful for just overall texture, fine lines/wrinkles, and sun damage (Lord knows I love the sun, oops). There are many different kinds of chemical peels, but to be honest, they’re all very similar. It depends on the reason you’re getting the peel and how strong you want the treatment to be. As always, I would go with whichever one your trusted esthetician recommends.

I did the “ReVitalize” chemical peel. First, they cleansed my skin using Avène products (I use this brand at home and I’m obsessed). Then they rubbed legit rubbing alcohol all over my face which took my breath away for a solid 5 minutes. After my skin was squeaky clean, my esthetician did one pass of the treatment and let it sit for about 3 minutes. I told her I wanted to PEEEEEL, so she did a second pass-through and let it sit for about another 2 minutes. The third and final step is a solution that removes the treatment solution and helps soothe the skin a little bit. In total, this is only about a 10 minute procedure. Once I left the spa, I didn’t wash my face for 24 hours. Two days later, it started peeling! Yay! It has now been about two weeks and I still have a liiiiittle bit of peeling going on, but the majority of it has happened. The congestion is already noticeably better (whew!) and I love that my smile lines are a little less noticeable. This treatment is something I do 4 times a year as it can be very harsh. But it is a must because fresh, baby-soft skin never goes out of style!

Have you experienced a peel like this? What was your experience?


Cheers, AH

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